NeNe – Real Or Scripted?

Apparently, NeNe and Greg Leakes are not quite what they appeared to be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. My Fox Atlanta’s  I-Team did a report on the couple and says they are not what the show claims them to be.

When the story came out that the Leakes were evicted NeNe denied that it even happened. Fox reports that a court did in fact order them evicted but only put the order aside when the couple agreed to move out of the home featured in the Bravo series. Fox shows the actual eviction documents.

Fox also reports that Greg is a rental manager and not an  good one. He owed over 100k in back taxes, and his clients haven’t seen or heard from him and at least one has sued him. They had to hire an investigator to find him. He rented the property of one of his clients to his friends (a minister and his wife) and the couple couldn’t afford the $2300 rent and left the home damaged.  Greg has been ordered to pay the owner $1050 but she says he has not paid her and she can’t find him.

NeNe is now saying she never said they were rich-–just comfortable. They should stop calling these show reality shows because obviously they don’t know what real means.

Watch the I-Team’s report here.