Tyrese Four-City Birthday Tour

Tyrese celebrated his 30th birthday with four parties in four different cities. The four-destination party began in Miami yesterday. His assistant reportedly scheduled the parties as a surprise for Tyrese but he overheard the assistant on the phone.

“I overheard my assistant talking about it on the phone and I was like, ‘Oh really!’ I’m doing parties in four different cities – Miami, Chicago, Vegas and then I’m gonna end in L.A. I’ve got two legendary performers at my party in L.A. but I can’t tell anyone about them.

“It’s like a birthday tour, it’s crazy. I said, ‘Why not spread the love for the loved ones.’ It’s been hard having a birthday the day before New Year’s Eve but I’m not mad because you really get a sense of who loves you when they’re able to separate a Christmas gift from a birthday gift and New Years gift.”

Tyrese’s partying doesn’t end after the birthday parties, Gibson tells WENN that he and seven of his closest pals are then taking a flight to Brazil, where he’ll spend the first few days of 2009 relaxing.