Details Of David Ray McCoy’s Murder

After LisaRaye McCoy-Misick mentioned her father’s murder in her Essence interview, people are curious about what happened.  Well here’s the sad story:

David Ray McCoy, 53, was found shot and killed in the back seat of his Cadillac in a Southside Chicago alley in 1988.  Ray McCoy, who was a a paraplegic, was a savvy Southside millionaire who owned a string of motels and nightclubs and loaned money to hundreds of people who wanted to start their own businesses.

Ray’s murder was a mystery until it was discovered that Ray was killed by his 32 year old live-in girlfriend, Sheila Daniels, and her 20 year old brother, Tyrone Daniels. Sheila at first told cops that Ray left the house with a gun after an argument on the phone with an unknown person.

Sheila was actually convicted in a first trial but was later granted a second trial where she was convicted again. She got about 80 years in prison. Her brother was also convicted even though his defense was Ray was already dead when he shot him twice in the head after Sheila fired the first and fatal shot. Tyrone claimed he wanted to make sure he was dead. Damn.

The motive was said to be that they got into an argument over a high electric bill and who should rake the leaves.