Details Of David Ray McCoy’s Murder

After LisaRaye McCoy-Misick mentioned her father’s murder in her Essence interview, people are curious about what happened.  Well here’s the sad story:

David Ray McCoy, 53, was found shot and killed in the back seat of his Cadillac in a Southside Chicago alley in 1988.  Ray McCoy, who was a a paraplegic, was a savvy Southside millionaire who owned a string of motels and nightclubs and loaned money to hundreds of people who wanted to start their own businesses.

Ray’s murder was a mystery until it was discovered that Ray was killed by his 32 year old live-in girlfriend, Sheila Daniels, and her 20 year old brother, Tyrone Daniels. Sheila at first told cops that Ray left the house with a gun after an argument on the phone with an unknown person.

Sheila was actually convicted in a first trial but was later granted a second trial where she was convicted again. She got about 80 years in prison. Her brother was also convicted even though his defense was Ray was already dead when he shot him twice in the head after Sheila fired the first and fatal shot. Tyrone claimed he wanted to make sure he was dead. Damn.

The motive was said to be that they got into an argument over a high electric bill and who should rake the leaves.

  • rayezion mccoy

    I’m Happy now to for the victory, that is my grandfathers life that they tryed to hard with. GOD BLESS



  • Lorena

    After watching your show I decided to google your fathers death beacause I was curious. I can truely say I feel and understand the pain you feel everyday when you think of your father. I to am a daddy’s girl and just like Kai my son will only hear the stories I tell. My son was born 10-6 -98 and my father passed 10-31-99. I say all of this to say you are not alone and you will always have a piece of yor father with you everyday! God Blesd

  • Nubian

    Lisaraye to me seems to have alot of issues unresolved because of her father’s death…That could be why her relationships havent worked out…I’m sure in her mind NO MAN will ever amount to her father…He spoiled her, gave her any and everything she wanted, Her father literally laid the ground work for what her husband would have to be..Hopefully she will continue to seek a therapist help to work those issues out.

  • Jenise in Maryland

    I have just watched the LisaRaye reality show which depicts her visit to her father’s grave and thought I would Google Mr. McKoy to see why he died so young at 53. To learn that LisaRaye’s father was murdered is so sad. When you’ve been raised loved by a awesome Dad, it is hard for any man to fill those shoes. There will never be a replacement for the father-daughter bond. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us. It mirrors alot of what viewers have experienced and lends us a personal connection.

    I wish LisaRaye and her family all the best and may Mr. McKoy Rest in Eternal Peace. I also send up my prayers for a speedy recovery for her mother.

  • Kida

    Hello Lisa I too decided to google your dad after watching your show and now that I know what happened I must say that I feel for you as a woman who misses her dad cause Im also a daddys girl so my condolences to you and to Kai cause she never got to know what a wonderful person her grandfather was.

  • Quiet Storm

    There is a new sign that says “my prince has come, his name is daddy”. I hope LisaRaye and every other woman holds out on marriage until someone can measure up to the same morals, values, and standards they were raised with. I don’t believe in the settle for less theory.

  • Sunflower

    I understand your hurt and pain. My father died 20 years ago just this past Sunday, at the age of 55, I was only 16. I as many others and yourself was a daddy’s girl. It hurts to know that our children didn’t get the chance to meet these awesome men that were more than life to us. This is for all readers, remember that God has a place for them in our hearts for those who have went on before us and that person will be there with you every step of the way. God bless all of you and Lisa, your mom is in my prayers.

  • Nubian

    Having a Father that loves and cares for you in your life is soooo very important…Not only for young men but ESPECIALLY young girls!!..So many young women get caught up in the wrong relationships looking for validation from a man to love them all because some of us were not fortunate to have our daddy in our lives..I for instance didn’t have mine in my life…Men need to realize their children need them..Lisaraye was extremely blessed and lucky to have her dad for those 22 years of her life, and he will always be with her and kai..God bless

  • B. Foote

    I recorded the finale and just watched it. My heart ached for LisaRaye as she spoke of her father. When she gave date of his death I cried. I lost my dad the same date different year. November 13th. My children never met him. Twenty years, thirty years same pain in your heart. Jah had a bigger plan for LisaRaye’s father and mine. Love life my sistren! Love Mommie, love Kai, your family and LOVE YOURSELF MS. LISARAYE “THE REAL” MCCOY!! Your fans love you and that’s from the heart. Real talk. Jah bless.

  • http://facebook Christina Short

    My Dearest Lisa: I too where interested in learning how your father died and I am so sorry that his life was taken behind some real stupid sh*t no matter how you put it. I lost my father in 2008, I came to wake him for the phone and he was gone! It was very hard for me in the beginning I was so angry but sometime has gone by now and I just try to cope with it as best I can. I too where a daddy’s little girl always and forever. God bless you and Kai! I love you and love your show!

  • My’D

    that’s redicule! over an electric bill and leaves!

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  • Mrs. Rushing


  • ladij23

    After watching the show and also recording differnt epsiodes i like evrybody else im sure i wanted to find out more on Lisa Raye’s father David i was just taken back at the shame of how people can be and how good people lose their lives over so many patty things its ridiculous a life is more worthy then money, cars, shoes, bills, etc. As a viewer i clearly can see that Lisa havent fully gotten over her father’s death and Kai is hurting due to the fact that she never got a chance to meet how great of man her grandfather really was, but through prayer n having faith everything will be alright and he’s still great even in HEAVEN!!!GOD BLESS U N UR FAMILY N GREAT SUCCESS

  • Alexanderia

    When I was watching the show and LisaRaye was talking about her father I started to cry cause I understand how she feels. Although my father was not murdered I still feel so much pain when his birthday rolls around

  • suzzette

    sorry for your loss…your great Lisa…always.

  • k

    the man was a gangster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • k

    it is clear that people did not not look at the other side of this man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashayla Merae

    Thats pretty rogish how they did something so stupid like that. I mean, i can understand if they want to be mad for getting thrown out, but to kill somebody??? NO! Thats just wrong. She’s mad because she was running up the bills & just thinks he’s going to pay for it all with no problems because he’s rich. No, get your own money & stop being a GOLD DIGGER. Thats so not classy like!

    -Ashayla Merae, age 16

  • keturah renee

    After watchin lisaraye the real coy n learnin her dad was murder was very sad im glad dat their got justice but no man wont ever measure up 2 her daddy love u lisa raye i hpe u come bck 4 a second season

  • S. R. Stovall

    After seeing LisaRaye’s visit back to Chicago I wanted to know more about her father. Lisa you should look into making a movie about your father’s life. You could play your mother. Sorry for your loss.

  • Jackie

    There is always 2 sides to the story Chicago history and any lounge ownere you talk to will confirm that he was a high profile gangsta! Noone deserves to die but people should know the truth before they assume he was a saint


    Maybe I misunderstood something. It reads the motives were over a high electric bill and who should rake the leaves. But, earlier it reads that he was a parapalegic.

  • kitty

    A paraplegic gangster?…..I'm confused..She woulnd.t go to the city commissioner to have him honored if he was a gangster…would she—-?…but then again she did have Al Sharpton with her…

  • Brittaney Shelliyse Welch

    Dearest Lisa Raye McCoy i would like to send my condolences to you and your family in this time of bereavement he was taken away from you and your family so violently i mean whole act was just senseless and although you may never be able to understand why he was murdered you and your family can at least now have some closure in knowing that the people that senselessly took your father away from you have now been brought to justice so with that being said i pray that god gives you and your family the strength to move on God Bless You and Your Family and Keep The Faith

  • Ms. DLG

    I remember the murder vividly. I lived in his neighborhood at that time. Although I was young, I recall his night clubs & motels along Stoney Island.

  • Tiger Lilly

    Wow, I can’t identify but can certainly have compassion for her loss. The role of a father in a young lady’s life is beyond profound. It’s the first identification you have with GOD because until you come to the understanding of GOD your parents play the role. Most entrepreneurs in the African-American community were “gansta’ per say and even other notable millionaires were original ganstas because hustling was the only way a black man could obtain money to build anything in the 50’60’70’s no banks was handing out no money that’s why Seaway had to start. The loss of death especially murder is so permanent and the loss of a father’s love is a terrible void especially in a daddy girls life. I’m bless both my parent still here and my DAD that’s my guy, he is kicks too. He is still kicking it and healthy as a horse, my strength is all due to his love and protection, his teaching and more than any thing his understanding of me as an allowing me to be an individual person. Only God and his love can ever fill a void in Lisa Raye’s life hopefully she will look to him for that fulfillment.

  • Silver Foxx

    Being from Chicago, I remember the reports of this murder. I also partied at one of Mr. McCoy’s enterprises on the East side. Lisa Raye is a strong woman, and although I have heard conflicting stories about her, everyone has to crawl before they walk. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with all your endeavors.

  • Taylor

    lisa raye isn’t telling the real truth about how her dad really was and what he did, my grandma and grand aunties and uncles knew him and knew what he did and it wasn’t pretty

    • terrance thomas

      what did they tell you lol ? when i think her father i see a influential man with lots of legitamate money and love.coming from the south with nothing to chicago