Julie Henderson Says She’s With Russell Simmons, Too Bad If You Don’t Like It


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Something has set off Julie Henderson. Julie is dating Russell Simmons. She put out a post titled: B*tch Get Your Own Man.  Seems the black community has offended her and she’s not going to take it.

B*tch Get Your Own Man

I have been spending “special time” with Russell for about 4 months and in that time I have learned some subtle things about some in the black community that have surprised me.  I must say that while it has been a bit of a challenge for me, it has also been a wonderful learning experience.  I realize that in this day of Obama and change that there is still a tremendous amount of poverty, suffering and pain in the black community, and for that I am deeply sorry.  But, I have to say the angry responses to those realities are sometimes misdirected….Just for the record, I am nobody’s  white b*tch, gold digger or  fame chaser.  Nor am I any of the other mean things I have been called lately.  I don’t need anything from anybody, I come from a good family and I’m  a young independent “successful” model making my way in NYC.   (If you don’t believe me google me or go to juliehenderson.net).

Finally, I just wanna say that Russell has been a great “special” friend and I’m sure as sh*t not giving him up cause some in America object to our friendship.  I wanna close by saying, what  Russell always says,  Namaste. (That means the goddess in me recognizes the goddess in you)….Or, b*tch get your own man.

Her rant doesn’t quite jive with the title or how she ends her post: B*tch get your own man. Maybe she is mad at Russell’s ex who was staying with them the other day and put our her own post about Julie and Russell?

Below is what Russell’s ex posted that I’m guessing is why she’s saying get your own man.

I’m at Russell’s apartment and Julie Henderson just walked down stairs.

I’m not saying she was doing the walk of shame (but it was 12:15 pm) Let me be clear, I have no beef with Julie! We’ve just fallen at different times for the same man…

The first thing she said to me when she cascaded down the stairs was, “When are you leaving?”
I said, “in two weeks”

Her eyebrow rose in skeptic dismay.
I waited a looooong minute before telling her I wouldn’t be staying with Russell the whole time.

Ok, let’s move past all of that. I’m not a petty, competitive woman! (Yes I am) but I’m totally ok with the fact that my time with Russell was beautiful but brief. I am genuinely happy that our friendship has formed in the wake. I’m also happy that he has found someone else whose company he enjoys.

No, no, no people, I’m not going to hate on Julie Henderson! She’s extremely cute for a White girl. (I’m more partial to the ethnic look, but to each their own.) I’ve got to give it up to Julie for getting like 5000 hits on the Sports Illustrated pics and video (which are indeed smoking hot) when they were posted on Global Grind.

Anyway, when Julie and Russell got in last night and came to say goodnight to me, I was chillin in the downstairs guestroom. I had passed out listening to a Deepak Chopra’s self-help lecture with a mud mask on. Russell opened the door and asked me if I had a man in the bed. Julie told me I looked oily.

hey then ran upstairs giggling and having a “we’re a couple and you are a loser who is alone in bed with a f*cking mud mask on your face” moment. But like I said before, all of that is absolutely fine with me. I’m fine in the guest room, Fine fine fine!

I’ve written a lot about the big 29th year on my blogs. It’s so crazy that 30 is approaching and it’s so bizarre to look back and see that my modeling career has been a decade long. As I start to contemplate the next phase, sometimes the young 20-something-year-olds like Julie challenge me to face my ego and to consider what’s next. I’ve had my time and now she is having hers.

Russell always instills in his friends to consider what your gift is and how you can give to others. He was flipping through my portfolio as I recounted the Julie Henderson-meets-Katie Rost moment (unfortunately he was hiding out and missed the whole thing).

With his always pleasing and serene glow he said, “You’ve been steady and you’ve been in this game for a long time. Maybe everyone doesn’t know your name but you’ve had a really great career and now you get to think about sharing your other talents with the world.”

Ahhh, sharing and giving back, that’s always a good place to start…
– Katie Rost

If Julie plans on fighting for Russell, please somebody record it so I can post it. Oh, the drama. LOL.