Tyrese Gibson Tells Wife To Get A Job


Tyrese Gibson sounds like he’s tired of paying out money to his estranged wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson. In court papers, Tyrese basically tells her to get a job.

According to RadarOnline.com, Tyrese claims that despite having a pre-nup agreement, he has “already paid $75,000 worth of respondents professional fees and costs for a marriage which lasted less than 10 months. Prior to this 10 month marriage, respondent and I entered into a prenutpial agreement which resolved all issues between us, other than those pertaining to our minor child.”

His attorney  requested that Norma take a vocational exam. “Ms. Gibson can and should seek employment and is lawfully employable in the United States at this time.”

The next hearing in this case will be July 27th.


  1. Tanya says:

    Tyrese is absolutely right. Yeah he should do his part 100% but why are these females always allowed to get rich by having babies by dudes with money. The court should make them get a job too and do their part.

  2. thickmisses says:

    that is so true, that shows you that she just married him for what she can get from him like seriously she been datin him for all those years n waited to marry him to to complain about the life style biotch u already knew how the buisness/ entertainment world is, she sound like a gold digger to me she need to get off her lazy butt, tyrese sould get custody of his dhild n send the mother straight to the welfare building lol

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