Joe Jackson Suing Michael’s Estate

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Joe Jackson is  petitioning the estate of Michael Jackson for a monthly stipend. Joe says the only income he has is his $1,700 monthly Social Security check.

Joe claims he relied on MJ for support. He said MJ would give the money to his mother Katherine who would then give it to Joe.

Joe was not mentioned in MJ’s will, he split his estate among his mother, children and various charities.

Joe’s lawyer are saying  the administrators of Michael’s estate were “either ignorant or negligent” by not setting up an allowance for Joe.

Joe lawsuit claims he is ill having suffered a stroke in 1998, he also suffers from diabetes, ulcers and other ailments. The suit claims Michael, knowing his dad was in ill health, supported him for many years.

Joe’s itemized monthly expenses included $1,200 a month in rent for his Vegas home; $2,500 to eat out; $1,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacations; $2,000 on air travel and $3,000 on hotels.

A judge denied Joe’s request for an expedited hearing so he might need to cut back on eating out and travelling until the matter is settled.