Rihanna Dating Matt Kemp?

Rihanna was spotted two days in a row with baseball player named Matt Kemp. Matt plays for the LA Dodgers and was seen with Rihanna shopping at Saks in Los Angeles. Matt appeared in LeToya Luckett’s video She Ain’t Got and was alsoย  spotted out at a basketball game with LeToya.

The night before the shopping trip, RiRi and Matt were spotted at a comedy club.

More pictures and video of them leaving the club after the jump.

RiRi is just cheesing away, isn’t she?

Photos: INFphoto.com

  • Annie

    Check out Rihanna’s face when she is looking at him, she seems smitten.

  • I would like to make this as clear as possible that YES! RIHANNA IS DATING MATT KEMP! my dad works with him and they are offocialy dating

  • internettruths

    My dad is his agent and they are not dating. This guy is a decoy, a look alike. Why do you think Rih is in LA? Who is lying or telling the truth? Nobody knows, you can do or say whatever on the internet, nobody will know the truth . Who are you going to believe?

  • jay

    That is indeed matt kemp w/ rihanna those are some real close friends of kemp trying to cover the video cam. And that’s kemp’s ride black cadi on black. Sorry ladies.

  • Ben

    yeaa, alright… what are the odds that two people that have connections to matt kemp comment on this sh*t?
    att least one of you people is lying

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  • derel

    Rihanna is a HOE…but…damn…I’d do her. Makes me no betta…LOL

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  • rihanna is a demonic slut i guess that’s why christ brown burst hear ass and then she said she didn’t caused this she did she could have let it slid but no she push him so he did that 2 her i’m from barbados don’t get me rong i do love her music but i don’t like what she’s bringin. she told the news that she feel in love with that person so deep in love with him an that it would take a good time 2 forget about the person and just she fall back in love with someone else that mean she didn’t really love him cause if u did u wouldn’t have go an sleep with someone else so quick but i no u would cause your a nasty slut i want the new guy burst the hell out of you so bad that u will be in the hospital can’t move.

    • maritza

      Nadia darling you are one sick little beyatch

  • I am a die hard fan of Rihanna, i love her hair, i love her voice and i love her body. :

  • it is a bit sad that this beautiful and talented Rihanna would fall in love with an a-hole like chris brown’~~

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