Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Respond To Wife’s Lawsuit

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have both issued statements in response to his estranged wife lawsuit against Gabrielle.

Dwyane tells TMZ, “I am shocked that Siohvaughn Wade has brought this baseless and meritless lawsuit in the name of our children against Gabrielle Union. I am deeply saddened and disappointed that Siohvaughn has used our sons once again as pawns and is now lashing out at Gabrielle, who is an innocent party. It is clear that this is a desperate attempt to retaliate against me for seeking sole custody of our children and requesting that the court have her undergo a psychiatric examination. My primary concern is my children and actions such as this only inflame the situation and are harmful to their well being.”

Gabrielle Union who also rejects Siohvaughn’s claims released a statement through her rep:

“Each and every allegation made is entirely false. Ms. Union wasn’t in the state of Florida or Illinois where and when each of these allegations are said to have occurred. These false accusations were previously made approximately one month ago in family court. Not only was Ms. Union not named a defendant at that time but the court ultimately rejected these claims as frivolous. Gabrielle apologizes to the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois for tying them up with erroneous claims when there are real victims who should be receiving the legal attention they need.”

I can’t imagine the affect all this drama will have on the children.


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  • Resurrected

    Cheater never see there wrong and when they feel the burn of there wrong choices they are still at a place where they just want things to be swept under the rug… There would be no case if Gabby azz was not in the wrong space and places… Men always try to down play the woman that they leave behind but the real issues has and will always be with there none communicating azz.. Gaddy could be gone in the next couple of years but his child mother will always be attached to him in some kind of way… I am so tried of men acting like there action are not hurtful and that they feel that no consequence should not fall back on them..

  • krazy

    Let it go Siohvaughn, the marriage is over. Stop wasting negative energy and move on with your life. You guys got married tooo young anyway.