Whitney Houston Is Pregnant!?!

That is the latest rumor. Whitney Houston has been looking heavier but I just chalked it up to weight gain. She is looking fuller in the midsection and face. Some tabloids say she is overeating, some say she is pregnant. Maybe she’s on medication that causes weight gain. Who knows. I just hope she is okay because her belly is looking rather big and that can be a sign of serious illness. This picture was taken last night in Sweden with some fans.

Video from her performance last night.


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  2. Stella Horton says:

    It somehow raised my eyebrow and made me wonder, is it really true? Some people would tend to put on some weight for some reasons and being pregnant is one of them. But let’s not make any assumptions. Let’s hear what Whitney says first.

  3. TJ corrunthers says:

    If she is then thats great! But if not, well its her body after all

  4. meralyn says:

    she’s pretty even if she gained weight

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