Anyone Know What’s Wrong With Joe Jackson?

I sure don’t. Joe Jackson recently told News Of The World that he blames Katherine Jackson for Michael’s death. Joe is like that relative that makes you cringe whenever he starts talking.

Joe told NOTW that he asked his wife to intervene with their son as he looked “funny and frail.” Joe says after Michael died he told Katherine: “I said, ‘If you had listened to me Michael would be living now!’ I kept thinking about the times I had stood in front of her saying something was wrong. Katherine didn’t say a word — I had to get away from her. If she’d done what I asked, Michael would be here today. I am incensed with her. She could have made a difference.”

He says Katherine didn’t want to invade MJ’s privacy. “Mothers are always the [person] their sons look up to. I wanted her to step in and look at Mike a bit, keep him cheered up. She didn’t want to do that because she was afraid that she was invading his privacy.”

I think he is cruel  to be blame Katherine for her son’s death.

Katherine’s lawyers are coming to her defense. they told TMZ: “The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a very special relationship,” her lawyer, Adam Streisand, said, “The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget.”

Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the Michael’s estate, also defended Katherine. “The inference by Joe Jackson that Mrs. Jackson was in any way responsible for Michael’s death is preposterous. Katherine Jackson was a supportive and loving mother throughout Michael’s life. His love and respect for her is reflected in his estate plan.”