So, Now People Hate Jaden Smith??

Apparently Jaden Smith’s appearance on Late Night With David Letterman has sparked some hatred toward Jaden because supposedly he came across as cocky. Also, people are saying he got his role in The Karate Kid because of nepotism, blah, blah, blah. I say so what? His parents are in showbiz and he wants to be in showbiz so if they can get him a role, why not? If they were plumbers and he wanted to be a plumber I doubt people would care if they got him a plumbing job. Add to that, roles for Blacks are few and far between so if his parents can produce a movie and let him star in it, I say good for them. Top that off with the movie is making so much money the studio is already working on part two. Pow! asks an interesting question, is this about race? Let me know your thoughts.

  • Dont worry jaden if people dont give you support i will and i will always be your biggest fan

    • nylah

      me to and my cus yasmin

      • jaden rox

        me 3. we will always be there for you jaden

  • Scooby

    He’s not cocky, he’s confident. His humor and timing are a lot like his dad. At least he’s willing to work hard. Nothing about show business is easy. I know his parents told him about the ups and downs, so kudos to him for pushing forward.

    • guest

      he's confident by the definition for black people, who don't think PRIDE IS A VICE. Not everyone likes to hear some punk run around mouthing off to elders, including a lot of black people from previous generations like BIll Cosby. Jaden and WIll are a product of egos-gone-wild generation, but WIll has already paid some with his terrible movies, and Jaden's career isnt going too far before his ego will blow it apart. This kid sucks and the world needs to teach the spoiled brat a lesson. People want the working man to make it, not some mouthy rich punk who cant act and cant rap.

      • supergirl

        well look who's talking.

  • kray

    Some of you folks don’t know cocky form confidence. He has a strong personality just like his father. The kid is smart and talented. Can you imagine him 5 years from now? Good job Jayden. Loved the movie.

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  • Isreal

    I think that this kid is an idiot. I really really hate him because his stupid “neurotic” personality. I hope the studios that listen to daddy and lesbian mommy (she kissed a woman in a movie) go to bankrupt asap. He is horrible, unlikable and brat. One thing is Will but another thing is this stupid kid.
    The Karate Kid franchise have been destroyed forever!
    Ps: my mom is black and I am not a racist.
    Please, BOYCOAT this guy from Hollywood.
    He does NOT deserve it!

    My humble opinion.

    • Brenika

      Ok you may say that boy is an idiot. But alot of people disagree with you. Jaden Smith or that boy is HOT!!! and i know alot of grils agree with me!! So I dont know what you are talkn about!!

    • i got one thing to tell you jaden smith is not an idiot ok i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee himmmmmmmmmmm and you know what he is my dream to see him one dayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and who cares if his mom kiss a woman on the cheek its ok i have seen woman do it to woman all the time and next time you call this hottie an idiot one more time i will tell you that 99 percent will agree and only 1 percent will agree with you and that all im saying i love you jaden sooooooooooooo much and i hope to see you one day and im 12 🙂


    Isreal, your ridiculous vitriol makes no sense whatsoever. You seem to forget how many people have seen Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid. EVERYONE who saw that movie HAS to know how HARD brilliant Jaden Smith worked on it.I’ve seen the movie FIVE times because Jaden is absolutely amazing. You also seem to forget that Jada Pinkett Smith is an ACTRESS. Do you think Miley Cyrus is a lesbian, too – for kissing a female dancer in her video? I don’t agree with women doing that, but Britney Spears and Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johanson were all straight (heterosexual) married women when THEY crazily kissed women on stage, too. I think you’re racist in TRYING to imply nonsense about the clearly heterosexual – happily-married- to- a- handsome- hunky (Will Smith)- man, Jada Pinkett Smith. She should have known that as a black woman, racists would come out of the woodwork to criticize her for doing something that white female entertainers do with much less snarkiness concerning it from the public. EVERYONE, I HIGHLY recommend Karate Kid. You’ll be glad you saw it!


    Scooby, you’re right! Jaden Smith is absolutely charming. Not “cocky” at all. When will racists learn to give it a rest. Too many people have seen The Pursuit of Happyness and Jaden’s Karate Kid for racists to get away with their lies concerning Will and Jada’s super-talented boy! Gooooo, Jaden! I’m so glad all your hard work for the movie paid off!

  • Steve Johnson

    I don’t like Japers Smith either! I saw he on Ledderman for karatay movie and the way he acted made me feel grimey and saucey. i want to have him over fur tea and set him strate. i would make his sunglases into a ham hock and his face into a glitchendorf! Gosh this tot piss me off. will smith get control of ur kid. want to force him to eat baked turd pie wit extra korn 🙁

  • blah blah

    i used to love jaden smith but till i found out he a real jerkk okayy if yall really see him or tawk to him u will see he DOESNT CARES ABOUT HIS FANS WEN I TAWK TEW HIM TO ASK HIM ONE QUESTION HE SED HE DONT HAVE TYME FOR THIS LEAVE ME ALONE LATR HE’S A REAL JERK


    • Brenika97

      I know that people get really bussy and tierd soo he might have just thought that you were the poparatzii!! I bet he didn't meen it soo even thought i dont know you please give him another chance. Hes just a kid and i dont think he mean't it!!

    • jadensmith#1fan

      b*tch how can u hate jaden smith he is the finest boy on earth so jus shutta f*c up and i bet ur jealous cus hes richer than u and ur f**kin ass family and dont talk about jaden smith like that.i bet he gonna use his karate moves and u will be crying 4 ur momma so shutta f*c up b*tch.and dont call justin bieber gay.cus hes not gay.

  • NUNA


  • jaden i think im FALLING out of love with u this thing i bout 2 say is gone sound wierd,jaden i used to go to myspace and i sent u 3 messages and just like nuna said i cant belive u,u should ignor them but now i c who u really r.jaden now im ur sisters #1 fan ur really goin 2 the bottom j

  • jaden i over reacted if those other people dont ecept that u dont want 2 talk 2 them ur right i falling back in love with u and one day we gone go out

  • nikole

    Okay frist of all steve,balh and nuna,
    steve learn how to spell i mean what are in the frist grade i mean if u going to down someone LEARN TO SPELL.
    And to nuna and blah i mean u are just a hater and u want to be in the spotlight.And how would u like it if people were making fun of u?Would u like that?SO MY ADVICE TO U ALL IS TO BACK THE F**** OFF OKAY AND IF U GOT SOMETHING TO SAY IT TO ME AT MY EMAIL HILTONNICOLE@HOTMAIL.COM(WHICH IS A BAD IDEA U LESS U LIVE NEAR ME!)

    • Ms. Beotch

      @nikole: "LEARN TO SPELL" she says. Hmmm….can you say, "frist"??? haha. I spell it "first" myself. Nice one.

  • celestina

    Enter text right here!dont listen to any body jaden okay i love u and i am an actress two but kmow body knows yet keep up the good work because were gada get married to eatcher thats good no body like u i can have u all two my self

  • Isaiah

    I think the prospect of cyberly hating a 12 year old boy is disgraceful. I think he is a great young talent. People seem to be jealous of his success, saying that he’s only famous because of his parents. Would you rather have the son of Will and Jada at McDonalds? I think not because then he’d be criticised then as well. Give the child a break, the karate kid remake was pretty awesome. And the money was so good, the second one is on the way! He’s making most of his connections, he works hard and he’ll be successful, hood for him. Haring him through a website is pointless I think, because he ain’t gonna lose any sleep over it, he knows how good he is. He’s cocky, and? Why not, he’s on top of the world right now. I don’t hate him, but if you do, think you could do better? Go ahead, but until then he’s famous and you haters aren’t even on his radar. He’s only 12 he has rim to develop. Leave him alone, he’s super talented, funny( at times), great fashion and an opportunity and he’s using it at full and who knows, he could give Will’s legacy a run for it’s money.

  • Tt

    I think ur rite because my hotty jaden smith is fine you people are just hating on him ok I sure if u were him u would want the same so get ur facts straight

  • Tt

    You dumb @$$ people are such haters all u want us money and f*** charm all u b!tches need to shut up because jaden didn’t do jack to u so dont f***in hate cause I will get my security on ur @$$e$.ok he’s my friend on facebook and twitter.I was there during the filming and I got a kiss from him.itS only cause I know jada pikens smith.Pluss His abbs are hutt o yeah I also saw Jackie chan.


  • Ryleigh

    I hate jaden smith. And can’t rap and his sister can’t sing. You guys should watch the voice. That’s an interesting topic it’s a show for people who can actually sing. You know nothing jaden and willow would understand. My favorite on the show is Raquel. She’s only 16 and boy can she sing. And you guys probably think well Willow’s only 10 well Maria Aragon is only 10 and she can sing pure. Lady Gaga said she was good. Well just had to get my point out there. Oh and I am 11 years old so I’m not hating on some kid who is like 20 years younger than me. Never say never you just said it twice dumbo.

    • JillJones

      LOL I’m sure this highly successful, beautiful, wealthy, African American family could care less whether losers like you and your ilk hate them.