Foxy Brown Arrested

Foxy Brown has gotten herself arrested again. Foxy was taken into custody for allegedly violating a protective order. She reportedly got into a angry confrontation with her neighbor Arlene Raymond who has a protective order against her.

According to the NY Post, witness say Foxy yelled at the neighbor, “What are you looking at — what’s your problem?” “They were getting into each other’s face,” said one source. Foxy used the B-word and some other neighbors stepped in before things got physical.

The neighbor is the same woman Foxy was accused of hitting with her Blackberry back in 2007, when the neighbor complained that Foxy was playing her car stereo too loud. A couple days later she was accused of hitting the woman with her Blackberry, busting her lip a knocking out a tooth.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Foxy’s manager, Bernadette Brennan, says the altercation jumped because Foxy was rehearsing outside for her upcoming show at the B.B. King Blues Club in NY and that ticked off the neighbor. The manager further claims the neighbor came outside and started screaming at Foxy, Foxy ignored her and went inside.

UPDATE:  Foxy has been charged with public lewdness (she allegedly lifted her skirt and told the woman to kiss her ass), harassment, and criminal contempt. She entered a not guilty plea and her bail is set at $5,000. She faces up to seven years in jail if convicted.