Tamera Mowry Engaged (Again) To Adam Housley

Tamera Mowry has gotten engaged for the second time to Fox News correspondent Adam Housley. Guess things didn’t work out with Hosea Chanchez.

“Adam proposed to Tamera last week in Italy,” a source close to the couple tells E! News. “They were engaged a few years ago, but broke it off. They have been dating on and off for the past year and now he has put a ring on her finger once again.”

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Apparently her family doesn’t like him.  “Her family is not crazy about him,” the source says. “Tia and Adam don’t always get along, but the couple are happy together and giving it another try.”

They are getting ready to move in together. “They haven’t started planning the wedding but it will most likely be at his family’s vineyard in Napa.”

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That’s got to be hard when your twin does not get along with you fiance. Wish them luck.

UPDATE: Seems Tamera is denying that her family does not like Adam and that they have been engaged before. She Tweeted:  “YES! I’m enaged 4 the FIRST time 2 @adamhousley. I n my family is THRILLED! Its an amazin feeling 2 hav my parents n family’s blessing!” She added she will be issuing a statement soon.

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  • Pingback: Tamera Mowry Engaged (Again) To Adam Housley | Entertainment Rundown()

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  • Shantell

    Tamera I'm sorry but he not cute at all. He doesn't even seem like your type. ILL

    • oldladyzadie

      I believe that Adam and Tamara make a great couple. He had his own career and she has hers so that is a good reciept for the couple. SHe is have White also so color is not a problem. I feel Tia just does not like Adam because she think only of herself and not the happiness of her sister. I think that Adam seems to really care about her and does not like how Tia pushes her sister around. He is marrying her not her family and Tia’s husband does not seem to nice to Tamera either. They will be happy. Great couple.

    • chaka

      How do you know who her type is? pleas just hush up and be happy for them :) and their son, aden :)

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  • Candy

    Tamara sucks not gonna watch the show I am only a Tia fan

    • oldladyzadie

      Tamera seems passive and Tia aggressive. I feel Tamera is the one to like not Tia. I guess it it hard when your sisters for I did not like somme of the men my sister was with. I think Tamera made a better choice than Tia did. I think her husband does not seem to be to wild about her but I hope thay make it.

  • sisterfan

    She is beautiful, its not like she can’t have any man she want. What I can’t understand is why she look so happy and he doesn’t? I hope they are happy, and I hope that he keeps up with his image. He look like he worked a 3rd shift. Brother please shave, hit the gym, and get some energy. You look tired.

    • Vanessa

      You got that one right Sisterfan!

  • http://kaintgetright.blogspot.com/ Micia

    Him working for FAUX News Channel, that alone would’ve been a deal breaker.