Fantasia Meets Up With Antwaun Cook For Reality Show; Paula Cook Threatens To Sue

Fantasia Barrino met up with her married lover, Antwaun Cook, at a park close to her home and it was all taped for her reality show. Fantasia’s allegedly attempted suicide after Antwaun broke off their relationship and she was overwhelmed by the media attention. Now comes the news that they met up for a heart to heart all while VH1 rolled the cameras for her show, Fantasia For Real. Are they for real? They are taking the mess to the airwaves? Well I guess they figured she might as well get good ratings out of the drama.

Some are calling her overdose a publicity stunt and now she just gave them more to talk about. Even her father is in shock. He told, “I do not think that can be real, it must be somebody else. I’m very displeased with that relationship because he is a married man and all of that has been discussed with Fantasia.”

And when told him that the meeting appeared to take place while shooting scenes for her new reality show, he says, “I do not think she would be back filming already.”

VH1 did not capture the “suicide attempt” on camera but the camera crew are in North Carolina now to get all this ish on tape.

I hope Fantasia and her team know what they are doing.

Meanwhile, Paula Cook has threatened to sue Fantasia. Fantasia’s lawyer says she has heard from Paula’s lawyers:

“[Paula Cook] has threatened via her lawyers to me to sue Fantasia,” the singer’s lawyer, Gena Morris, tells People. The merit of the potential lawsuit, however, relies on when the couple separated. Fantasia claims that Antwaun told her he broke up with his wife in summer 2009, while in Paula’s court filing, she says it was June 16, 2010.

“If there is a relationship with a married person after they are separated, there is no cause of action for alienation,” Morris explains.

My guess is the lawyers are hoping for a settlement instead of suing because why are they threatening to sue instead of just suing.

People magazine asked Fantasia’s lawyer about the alleged sex tape and she said no comment.

You can see photos from Tasia and Twaun’s meeting here.