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Amber Rose Blasts Vibe Magazine Over ‘Ridiculous’ Interview

Amber Rose went on a Twitter tirade against Vibe magazine last night after reading her recent interview with the magazine. Amber is claiming that the article contains lies and is ridiculous. To that end, Amber tells the mag, F*ck You.

Just read “my” interview in @VibeMagazine half of the story was untrue & ridiculous! F##K that Cover F##K @VibeMagazine yall wrote a bunch of negative bullsh*t that I never said or did. Yall don’t give a f*ck that I have a Mom & Family thats gonna read that fake ass sh*t I gave yall a truthful interview & Yall f##ked me. I’m so sick of keeping my mouth shut I didn’t ask for this life it was handed to me I was nothing but nice to everyone I spoke to @ Vibe.

Interesting. Wonder which parts of the interview are lies?

Two Women Fall Out Hotel Window Leaving One Dead

Lashawna (left) and Cierra.

A birthday celebration turned tragic when two women fell 10 stories from an Atlanta hotel window. Lashawna Threatt was celebrating her 30th birthday with about twenty friends at the W Hotel when she and Cierra Williams started “play fighting,” what happened next stunned the room. The two women apparently accidentally hit the window and both went crashing down.

Both hit a sunroof about five stories down, Cierra rolled off and fell to the pavement. Lashawna died and Cierra is now in the hospital in critical condition.

People are speculating about the Read more