Lauren London Wants No Part Of The Kim Kardashian Cheating Story

You might have heard that story where NFL player Bret Lockett claims to have been involved with Kim Kardashian while she was with her fiance Kris Humphries. He also claims Lauren London is the one who approached him to get his number for Kim. He further claims his brother was “talking” to Lauren the same time he was involved with Kim. Lauren apparently is denying everything just like Kim. In a statement she put out last night she says she has an imposter:

To my family, friends, supporters and the media. I have an impostor. It is similar to identity theft because he/she constantly pretends to be me. This person disrupts my personal and professional life on an almost daily basis. Words cannot express how troubling this situation is for me and my loved ones. The statements made about me in the Kim Kardashian story are 100% false. Thank you for your support.

Bret claims to have texts and pictures which prove his story. I say put up or shut up, Bret.