Catfight Breaks Out Over Trey Songz

Photo: INF

Groupies gone wild! The other night at a club in New York City some groupies tried to get up close and personal with singer Trey Songz. His date for the night reportedly didn’t like it, words were exchanged, someone threw a drink on Trey’s date then all hell broke loose.

Trey Songz was at the center of a nighclub brawl this week in New York City, but it was the kind Kramer would approve of … it was a CATFIGHT!!!

Sources inside the Juliet Supper Club tell TMZ … a group of girls were trying to get close to Trey on Monday night, and his date for the evening was not pleased. We’re told the girls exchanged words and someone from the group tossed a drink on Trey’s girl … causing a melee.

The owner of the club, Barry Mullineaux, tells TMZ his security team jumped right in tossed the group of girls from the club. Police were not called.

Mullineaux says Trey did nothing wrong and is invited back anytime. – Source