Draya Michele Says She Was Not Arrested For Child Endangerment. She Lied

Last night on Basketball Wives Los Angeles Draya Michele was confronted by the other cast members about her arrest last January for endangering the welfare of her son. Draya, real name Andraya Michele Howard, tells them that the story was made up and the reporter was fired. Guess what? She lied. The reporter, Steve Henshaw, did not make up the story (see the court docket at the end of this story) and he has not been fired.

MrsGrapevine got in touch with the reporter who explained that he wrote the original story from documents at the court house.  That means the police, the reporter and the court would have to be in a big scheme to make up a story about Draya. Really? Why would they bother.

I went to the court’s website and found the criminal docket. The docket lists the arrest date is 1/13/2011. She later copped a plea in a lower court and was admitted to the advanced rehabilitation disposition (ARD) program and ordered to pay $2043.62. She was even given a payment plan (see page 5).  Page 3 lists the punishment as community service and counseling for 24 months.

The reporter states that after she completes her community service/counseling her record might be expunged.

She would have been better off saying she didn’t want to talk about it instead of saying the reporter lied and was fired. She doesn’t owe her cast members any explanation. Also, she had to have known they would bring this up on the show for ratings so maybe the best thing would have been for her to not have gone on that type of show.