Man Indicted For Swindling Nicole Murphy Out Divorce Settlement

A man has been arrested on federal charges for swindling Nicole Murphy out of her divorce settlement from Eddie Murphy. When word broke that Nicole was almost out of her $15-million divorce settlement, many wondered how she blew that in 4 years.

It turns out she trusted Troy Stratos who she has known since she was a teenager to invest her money. He convinced her to invest her money overseas, where they would earn a high rate of return. That didn’t happen.

What he is accused of doing instead was spending the money on himself and sinking her into debt. While the indictment mentions $7 million, Nicole sued Troy and others last year saying she put $11 million in a trust with Troy and he and the other defendants spent the money on themselves.

He has been hit with 14 charges of fraud, money laundering and obstructing justice. The wire and mail fraud charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, while the money laundering and obstruction charges carry 10-year maximum sentences.

Troy is  allegedly  an international con man who has swindled several people. There are several websites warning people about him. Check out one here. Bloomberg news did a lengthy piece on many of his escapades. The piece also reveals he is the stepson of Nancy Wilson and has caused her to be sued.