Nicki Minaj Covers Paper Magazine With Green Hair

Nicki Minaj is featured on the cover of Paper Magazine Spring 2012 issue rocking green hair. She talks about her career, loving trash tv, her new album and her style icons.

Who are your biggest style icons? Grace Jones definitely. So amazing. And Cyndi Lauper, I loved her right from when I was a little girl. And Janet Jackson of course. And Boy George. I always loved the way he dressed, and his music too.

Do you have time to watch trash TV? Of course! I love Mob Wives. I love Big Ang — what is that? And I love the way those girls talk to each other: “Don’t YOU be coming at ME!!!” I love every freakin’ moment. And I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills. Taylor and Adrienne and the girls.

Tell me about your new album. What is the vibe? The album is like a collage of all my emotions. I am not sticking to any particular style. I am doing what I feel without restrictions. So it’s very free and very me.

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