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Video: Trey Songz – Heart Attack

Trey Songz got Kelly Rowland to play his leading lady in his new video for his single Heart Attack. The two obviously had a good time on set as can be seen in the behind-the-scenes video. Read more

Spotted: Drake & Tyra Banks At Disneyland

Drake and Tyra Banks were spotted at Disneyland and the rumors started flying that the two were on a date.  An employee at Yogurtland snapped pictures of them grabbing some yogurt and posted it to the internet. A Tyra insider tells Gossip Cop that the two are not dating they ran into each other by accident at Disneyland and were simply hanging out.

Photo: Twitter

Adam Yauch Of Beastie Boys Dies

Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Bestie Boys has died. MCA died after battling salivary gland cancer for the last three years.

He died this morning in New York surrounded by his wife, daughter, parents and in-laws. He was 47 years old.


Photos: Will Smith At Men In Black 3 Time Capsule Event

Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and director Barry Sonnenfeld, contribute sunglasses, a neuralyzer, and other props from Men In Black 3 to the time capsule dedicated at an event. The photo call was held at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. In anticipation of the nationwide release, the time capsule will begin a cross country tour next week after which the time capsule will be locked away for 43 years – mirroring the jump back in time from 2012 to 1969 that Agent J experiences in the film. Read more

Deion Sanders Slapped With New Charge In Divorce Drama

Deion Sanders has been hit with a Criminal Mischief charge for allegedly smashing the phone of his estranged wife’s friend, who was reportedly recording the altercation between Deion and Pilar Sanders.

CBS 11 News reports that police in Prosper filed criminal charges against Deion Wednesday night for allegedly trying to destroy evidence (the phone) related to their confrontation.

Both Pilar and Deion were charged previously for the altercation that broke out in their home.

Dee Boswell, the friend whose phone he allegedly destroyed, is the person Deion claims jumped him along with Pilar. She has also been charged with a Class C assault. She claims she witnessed Deion hit Pilar with a statue. The police now has memory card from her phone and will examine it for any evidence.

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The new charge against Deion carries a possible punishment of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Jesus Be A Fence.

Will Smith Talks Marriage Rumors, His Kids and MIB 3 [Video]

Will Smith sat down with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood to chat about Men In Black III and of course the topic of those pesky rumors about his marriage being in trouble came up. Will says it is all part of the game and he’s indestructible.

On the topic of the kids, he says boys are easier to raise than girls. “See, boys are easy. Like, it’s really easy with boys. It’s like, until you can beat me in a fist fight you’ve gotta do what I say!”

The rest of the interview, after the jump. Read more