Kola Boof Will NOT Be Ignored By Kimora And Djimon Hounsou

Rumor has it, Kimora Lee and partner Djimon Hounsou are on the rocks. Word is they broke up but they have denied that. Enter author Kola Boof. She has been saying for months now that she slept with Djimon many times for revenge against Kimora. She claims Kimora stole Djimon from her while she was battling brain cancer so she made it her mission to wreck their relationship.

Kola tells Beyond Black & White:

It all started years ago when Djimon was in a relationship with Kola, and Kola was experiencing some very scary health issues. It was at that time that Kimora started sleeping with Djimon behind Kola’s back. Yep, you got that right, according to Kola, Kimora was the original relationship-wrecker. On the eve of Kola undergoing surgery for brain cancer, Kola says that Kimora came to her and told her point-blank that she had already begun sleeping with Djimon and that by the time the anesthesia wore off from the surgery Kimora would have her man.

She also tells the NY Daily News:

“I am the reason that they broke up…I have slept with Djimon Hounsou throughout his marriage to Kimora Lee Simmons, adding: I don’t think it’s a secret to people in Los Angeles.”

Djimon issued a statement claiming to not even know Kola. Djimon tells Global Grind:

It has come to my attention vicious lies and stories are being spread about myself and my family. I do not know, nor have I ever met this person. To that extent any and all claims are totally fabricated and for the press to be spreading these lies is irresponsible on their part. I am a man of integrity and would never betray my wife or my family.

Kola is now furious and will not be ignored. She Tweeted “But he lied in his statement….I can’t let that go. I would NOT be still talking if he hadn’t done that. Im tired too.“ Kola says she plans on making a statement that will supposedly wreck Djimon.

Kimora has slapped her with a lawsuit but that has not deterred Kola as she means to wage war.

Stay tuned…

  • Cocoatlas

    There is no lawsuit, totally more bull. No record of it, doesn’t exist. This woman is nuts

  • She is lying .. she would still be talking about it if Djimon had not issued a statement! Because other than being a LITERAL whore, Kola Boof is an attention whore, a pathological liar and an all around trashy (yet articulate) mentally ill NUT CASE! I don’t even believe the broad had brain cancer! PLEASE.. ONLY COMPLETE IDIOTS believe the obvious lies she keeps coming up with.

    you RUINED that photo of Djimon & Kimora with that saggy tittied nut job who calls black Americans “N*gger stock”.. please NO MORE!! I get nauseated looking at her face.. ewww!

    • Frankie

      Agree! Kola is a pathetic case of envy gone haywire.

      Her jealous rantings about mixed women, African Am women, and Kimora only highlight her own self hate and insecurities.

      Given her recent insane antics, this old crow Kola, has lost credibility in her claim of Osama’s mistress. I strongly doubt she was anyone’s mistress or bed partner. She’s a crippled libido in need of therapy. Bigtime.