Antwaun Cook Admits To Cheating With Fantasia?

Antwaun Cook has admitted in his divorce papers that his separation date from his wife Paul Cook was later than he originally claimed. During his court case he previously insisted his was not with his wife when he started his relationship with Fantasia. Now in his divorce decree he admits that his separation date was June 2010 not September 2009 as he claimed. This means Paula can now sue Fantasia for alienation of affection if she wants.

“The parties consent and agree that Palintiff [Paula] and Defendant [Antwaun] are husband and wife having been lawfully married to each other on October 1, 2005 and separated on June 16, 2010,” the docs state.

By consenting to the date of separation being June 2010, Antwaun is admitting that he cheated on his wife with Fantasia.

Given Antwaun’s admission of adultery, if his estranged wife desired to do so she would now legally sue Fantasia for Alienation of Affection, which is a North Carolina law in which one can sue the third party who “alienates” the affections of one spouse from the other spouse. – Source