Rihanna’s Father Thinks Chris Brown Deserves Second Chance

Chris Brown and Rihanna have received a lot of coverage the last couple of weeks over their “friendship.” There were rampant rumors that the former couple had reunited and hooking up a various clubs, then came their date night at a Jay-Z concert followed by his breakup announcement and then his documentary style video wondering if it was possible to love two women. Now her dad is giving his approval for the duo to get back together.

In Touch caught up with Ronald Fenty and he tells the mag he has “no problem” with a rekindled relationship. “I think everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn’t be held to them forever. Everyone should be forgiven once. There’s a lot more to Chris than the whole world knows.”

He adds Chris is “super-talented” and charismatic. “I love Chris, man,” Ronald admits. “He’s got so much charisma. And he’s always had so much respect for me. That’s what I love about him. He’s always shown me respect.”

He says Rihanna is happiest when she is with Chris. “I know they love each other. They always have. She’s happiest when she’s around him, and as long as she’s happy, I am happy and the whole world should be too.”

I’m not surprised Mr. Fenty would believe in second chances since he himself has gotten one.