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Preview: Beyonce’s HBO Documentary

Here’s a teaser for Beyoncé’s intimate feature-length HBO documentary film that will debut February 16, 2013. Read more

Katt Williams Continues To Spiral Out Of Control…Arrested In Seattle

Katt Williams 2011 Mug shot

When Katt Williams arrived on the comedy scene he was viewed by many as the next big thing. That has not materialized as Katt has continue to have run ins with law enforcement in bizarre incident after incident for the last couple of years. In spite of this people still pay money to attend his shows that many times end before a complete performance.

Katt was arrested yesterday in Seattle after he was involved in what police call a “fracas” at a bar. Police department spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee said in a statement: Read more

Chris Brown Won’t Be Charged In Phone Snatching Incident

Chris Brown will not be charged in the February incident where he allegedly snatched a fan’s cell phone who was taking pictures of him. Miami prosecutors say they will not prosecute the singer over the incident that happened outside a South Beach nightclub.

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office tells E! News that it has declined to issue a warrant for Robbery by Sudden Snatching after an extensive investigation by police showed insufficient evidence that the Chris attempted to actually make off with the smartphone.

Christal Spann claimed Chris grabbed her phone when she tried to snap a picture of the performer in his limo when he left the club with rapper Tyga. She chased the limo and was told that the phone had been tossed out of the limo in front of the club.

Police later found the phone in the possession of Tyga’s security. Prosecutors declined to charge Chris since they determined he never had any intent to steal the iPhone or delete the picture.