Katt Williams Will Not Face Charges In Child Endangerment Case


Katt Williams has lucked out in his felony child endangerment case. The troubled comedian has learned he will not face charges. ¬†At the time of his arrest cops found marijuana and guns in Katt’s house that he shared with his kids.

Law enforcement sources now tell TMZ:

The case fell apart for a couple of reasons. First, Katt insists his kids couldn’t get at the guns because they were locked up. On top of that, there were so many people living in the house there was no way of tying Katt to the marijuana — and reasonable assumptions don’t count.

The D.A. has since decided not to file felony charges and referred the case to the L.A. City Attorney for possible misdemeanor charges but even the City Attorney felt there were problems with the case so no charges will be filed. Katt will appear at an informal hearing at the City Attorney’s office, where he’ll be counseled and warned.