Tyson Chandler’s GQ Fashion Spread

Tyson Chandler Son GQ Magazine 2
New York Knick Tyson Chandler and his son Tyson II get playful for the cameras of GQ magazine. Tyson and his fashion choices have been turning heads and he sat down with the magazine to talk about what drives some of his choices. 
Tyson Chandler Son GQ Magazine 3

“Even before I moved to N.Y.C., I realized that there are no off days,” he says. “Especially in the camera-phone era. I started to look at fashion the same way I look at my games—there’s always going to be someone watching you for the first time.”

On sweatpants paired with blazers being the next big thing: “When I say sweatpants, I’m not talking about your typical lie-around-the-house sweatpants. I’m talking about that same soft fabric but in a structured, tailored cut. It sounds crazy, but trust me.”

Tyson Chandler Son GQ Magazine

On wearing boots: “A lot of people don’t know, but I grew up on a farm. When I’m in a pair of boots, it reminds me of where I come from. I wore cowboy boots my first ten years of existence. I played soccer in them, cleaned the house in them, of course played basketball in them—always in the dirt. They were my go-to’s. Chelsea boots are like my worlds then and now coming together.”

Tips for wearing all black: “To me, if you’re going all black, the cut is everything. That’s what makes it sophisticated.” He says jewelry will help the look. Wear “That extra layer is what makes it all work.”

Not feeling his fashion? Check out him in his natural glory, here, here and here.