Canadian Woman Claims Kanye West Cheated On Kim Kardashian With Her

Leyla Ghobadi

The thirst is real, y’all!

A 24-year-old Canadian woman claims that not only did Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with her, he told her he is with Kim for the publicity. Leyla Ghobadi tells Star her coming forward is “going to destroy the Kardashian family … but if I were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know. It’s bad — it’s really bad — it’s just embarrassing.”

Who is this woman you may ask? The magazine calls her a model/bartender but her Instagram page says she’s the marketing director for a spa.

Anyway, Leyla tells the tabloid she first met the rapper at his July 2012 show at Revel’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City while Kim was in attendance. Supposedly, he sent a roadie to bring her backstage, where he invited her out for drinks. He “invited me back to his hotel room, but I refused, as I felt it was too rushed.”

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She  claims he then gave her free tickets to the next night’s show and backstage passes. On that night when he asked her back to his hotel room she told him she was “concerned that he was seeing Kim Kardashian.” She alleges he then “told me that [his relationship with Kim] was for publicity and nothing serious.” So she slept with him.

“We began to make out for a while and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex,” adding that a second meeting in October took place in New York, while Kim was in South Florida.

She says after it became obvious that Kim was pregnant she refused Kanye’s further advances because, “I would never do that to someone.”

What she would do however is chat about it on Twitter. She started up a Twitter account today to “Show you guys what I’m really like. Not just doing this for ‘The Fame’.”

After being bombarded with comments and insults she Tweeted:

“Maybe I went about this the wrong way but how else am I meant to get thru to her? I am NOT the bad guy in this situation. nothing more 2 say.”

“You think it’s that easy to get in contact with her?” she added when asked why she didn’t contact Kim instead of going public.

“The woman will always get the blame for everything huh. He called me a week ago to hook up again. If I was pregnant with his child I would want to know.”

When someone asked her to prove it: “Proof? Yeah because I was going to take pictures of myself f*cking him. I could show u calls but I’m not about to put his number on twitter.”

“He was aggressive in his pursuit. I admit I didn’t have to do it- I got caught up in the situation. I used to idolize him.”

Reps for Kanye and Kim have denied the woman’s clams. Star’s report. His rep tells TMZ:

“This most recent attack on Kanye West and his family is totally without merit. It’s a blatant attempt by a misguided individual who is clearly seeking publicity, and another in a series of malicious stories drummed up by non-credible ‘news’ sources. This is a sad attempt to hurt two people trying to live their lives.”

Photos: Instagram