Beyonce Debuts Short Haircut [Photos]

Beyonce, who just finished the American leg of her Mrs. Carter Show Tour, revealed a short new hairdo Wednesday night on Instagram. The singer has always worn elaborate weaves so this is a big departure from the norm for her. She did wear a wig for Cadillac Records when she played Etta James.

Check out the photos below:

Beyonce got her hair stuck in a fan just two weeks ago.



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Photos: Instagram & Twitter

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  1. krazy says:

    Yes, I looks really nice on her. I bet her head is saying, thank you Lord, I can breathe now. Most of these celebs are just over done with all the weaves and wigs. Example, Tamar, all the Braxtons, Nikki M., THE lOVE & Hip Hop crew, MelB, and many others. What would they do without all the fakeness?

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