Dwyane Wade Confirms Birth Of Third Son

Dwyane Wade confirmed the news that he fathered a baby boy while on a break from fiancée Gabrielle Union. He addressed the issue before a game on Monday telling the press:

“I’m in the public eye, so obviously that’s a part of it. It comes with the territory. But, it’s kind of … as I’ve always done my whole life … is always focus on what’s most important to me and my family, and that’s being a great father. I’ve always tried to show my importance in my kids’ lives and it doesn’t change now.

“But, yeah, I had a time … in our pain and our hurt, (but) a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy. So, I’m moving on.

He added that he has spent time with his one-month-old son as well as worked things out with Gabrielle:

“Yeah, I’ve got a chance to see him. You know me. I’m involved in my kids’ lives. When my kids were living at home with me, or wasn’t living at home with me, I tried to do everything I could to see them. Obviously I got custody of them for different reasons, but nothing changes with my life.

Like I’ve said, this is something that my family knows and my now fiancee worked through when we got back together, and understood that we wanted to continue our lives together and continue supporting our family and we’re going to do that. That’s what I’ve always done.”

Dwyane Wade babY mamaMeanwhile, the identity of the baby mama has been revealed. TMZ has published the birth certificate and disclosed the child’s mother to be 30-year-old Aja Metoyer. She is already the mother of two children with Damon Wayans Jr. The new baby with Dwyane is named Xavier Zechariah Wade and was born on November 10th.

Additionally, TMZ is doing the most and has combed through Gabby’s Instagram page to prove that they were not on a break when the baby was conceived. The sleuths at TMZ have concluded that based on a couple of pictures they know when the break should have been and they don’t buy the “we were on a break” story.

I’m sure Dwade and Gabby couldn’t care less.

Photos: Instagram & TMZ