Terrence Howard Convinces Judge To Overturn Divorce Settlement

Terrence Howard Birthday 3Terrence Howard bared his soul and spilled intimate details about his failed marriage trying to get a judge to overturn his divorce settlement with his second wife and it worked. The Empire star testified that his ex-wife Michelle Ghent extorted him to sign an unfair divorce settlement. He said she threatened to reveal intimate videos and let everyone know he had an STD if he did not give her the settlement she wanted.

During a four-day hearing we found out:

  • The actor divorced third wife Mira Pak while she was pregnant with their son
  • He used drugs during his relationship with Michelle
  • He believes he has “the most brilliant mind in the f*cking world”
  • He and Michelle had a threesome
  • Michelle was jealous he had love scenes with Jennifer Hudson

The judge may have ruled in his favor but he is no fan of Terrence. Saying in his ruling, “Terrence Howard is a bully. [But] just because you’re a bully, doesn’t mean you can be bullied.”

The actor released a statement after the ruling, saying:

“I could not be any more pleased by today’s ruling. am grateful to my [attorney and his team,] whose skill and tireless efforts enabled me to secure this terrific ruling from the Court.”

Terrence and his ex-wife must now negotiate a new financial agreement.

Photo: Instagram