Matt Barnes Drives 95 Miles To Attack Derek Fisher Over Gloria Govan

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Matt Barnes was all sorts of mad when he found out that Derek Fisher was with his estranged wife Gloria Govan. He stayed mad for 95 miles as he drove to attack Derek Fisher after finding out the NY Knick coach was at Gloria’s house.

The NBA is currently investigating the attack that took place on Saturday in the home Matt previously shared with Gloria. Supposedly, Matt found out Derek was at the house from his and Gloria’s twin sons. He left training camp and drove in a rage to go confront Derek. Cops were called to the scene but Derek had already left.

Matt not only attacked Derek he reportedly let Gloria have it too. A source tells the NY Post Matt texted a friend after the altercation, saying, “I kicked his ass from the backyard to the front room, and spit in her face.”

Derek is also thinking about pressing charges against Matt. At a press conference Wednesday he was asked if he will press charges, he said, “We’ll see.” Gloria is going to seek a restraining order, claims another source.

Derek filed for divorce form his wife of 10 years back in March. Matt and Derek played together for two seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.