Tyson Beckford And DJ Ruckus Fight Over Shanina Shaik

Tyson Beckford DJ RUckus Shanina ShaikTyson Beckford is apparently having s hard time gettung over his model ex-girlfriend, Shanina Shaik. The two dated several years until they split in January. She then got together with his friend DJ Ruckus and they later became engaged. Fast forward to last week when the two saw each other at a club. Tyson reportedly followed Ruckus for 16 blocks after they left the club and they got into a fight.

According to the NY Post, Tyson followed Ruckus’ car on his bike until Ruckus pulled over and they got into a “screaming match” in the street. They left the scene when nearby cops started to take notice them. It unfortunately did not end there. Tyson chased down Ruckus again until they arrived at a friend’s home. “Tyson [got] off his bike, still with his helmet on and [started] confronting Ruckus, and then they went back and forth until the doorman called the cops.”

Ruckus gave The NY Post a statement about the fight:

“I’m disappointed that last week’s incident escalated. I’m grateful that no one was hurt. I wish him the best and hope he finds happiness like we have.”