Mariah Carey Breaks Up With “Mentally Unstable” Fiancé

Mariah Carey and fiance James Packer have broken up. The two reportedly called it quits after a “violent incident” on a yacht in Greece involving Mariah’s assistant. The details are sketchy but sources tell TMZ that James became violent and is “mentally unstable.” The singer is said to have fled the yacht after the incident and has not seen the billionaire since.

Now comes word that a former Scientologist, Tommy Davis, has been telling James that he has spending too much on lavish gifts for Mariah and that led to some of their problems. Mariah believes Davis has had an extreme influence on James, whom they say has not been himself since Davis got in his ear.

Mariah is demanding James pay her $50 million because she moved her family to Los Angeles for him. She also had to cancel a leg of her tour because the breakup left her distraught. She also wants him to buy her a house. She is currently in the house she shared with James but she has been asked to leave the house but has refused.

Photo: Instagram