Ciara Slammed For Naked Family Photo

Ciara is featured in a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot with son Future and husband Russell Wilson and it is causing controversy.

The main photo that has come under fire is one featuring Ciara in just panties, Future naked and Russell’s arms. It is highly doubtful Russell is naked since we only see his arms and some of his shoulder.

Just The 4 Of Us. ?? @harpersbazaarus

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Some people think it is weird for 2-year-old Future to be naked, some people think it is weird for Russell to be in the photo because he is not the boy’s biological father. Here’s the thing, people have been taking naked pictures of their children since photography was invented. The only difference with this is because Ciara is famous and the photos are published. As for Russell being in the photo with his stepson, that is their business.

I don’t see how Ciara moving on with her life and having a family is of anyone’s concern. Her and Future didn’t work out so what, she supposed to do curl up and die?

Future Jr. has visitation with his father and he lives with his mother and stepdad. As long as Russell respects the boy and his father’s relationship how is it harmful him having someone else in his life who loves him? When you have blended families with genuine love as it appears with the Wilsons the children usually thrive. It is better for the child to not be treated as an outsider because his mother’s husband is not is biological dad.

Russell posted the same photo with the caption:

I Thank Jesus everyday for you 3.
I Love you 3 with all of my heart.
You are the most amazing mom & loving person one could ever know. I’m grateful for the Woman, the Wife, the Mother, & Best Friend that you are to us 3.
Being a husband to you, a stepdad & with a new little one on the way…it is the greatest gift God has ever given me.
The only way to change the world is to Love the World.
Love is the way. #Family

Some of the criticism:

“Ciara’s family photo is weird to ppl who 1.) don’t know how to define family. 2.) sexualize kids. 3.) assign women to exes. 4.) are weird,” write a Twitter user.

“Baby Future is way too old to be naked in that photoshoot(sp?) and Ciara acts like he really doesn’t have his own father, it’s so disrespectful,” another user wrote on Twitter.

Another added, “Ciara so disrespectful and I think she does the (expletive) on purpose to get a reaction from Future and to blow up in court.”

“Whats wrong with you all? Talkin about Ciara disrespectful to Future? She not posed (sic) to be happy?” said another.

I bet if some of these people who are so concerned over Ciara’s family paid attention to their own they would see they have things to worry about in their own lives.

Photo: Instagram