Mendeecees Harris Request For Shorter Sentence Denied

Yandy Smith won’t be seeing Mendeecees Harris outside prison walls any time soon. The Love And Hip Hop NY star asked a court to reduce his 8-year drug trafficking sentence by a third but a judge rejected his request.

Democrats and Chronicle reports that Mendeecees’ attorney, Dawn Florio, argued that a change in federal sentencing guidelines allowed Geraci to reconsider the December 2015 sentence.

She claimed Mendeecees was a minor player in the drug-trafficking pipeline, and the sentencing change permitted his sentence to be reduced up to almost three years.

Harris’ “conduct was limited to collecting drugs from one party and handing them to another,” Florio wrote. “There are no clear allegations that (Harris) acted as a broker, set any prices, nor was aware of the scope of the criminal enterprise.”

The judge rejected the argument and said Mendeecees participation in the drug ring was significant, he said:

“A confidential source indicated that they received multiple kilograms of cocaine from (Harris) in New York City. This individual stated that they received three to five kilograms of cocaine each month from (Harris) between 2005 and 2008. A second informant indicated that they received five kilograms of heroin from (Harris).”

Photo: Getty