DMX Charged With Tax Evasion

DMX has been charged with tax evasion by the IRS. If convicted, the rapper is looking at serious time—44 years to be exact. The feds handed down the 14 count indiction, saying DMX has concealed his income for several years and is now owes about $1.7 million to the IRS.

According to the indictment, he made lots of money in the early 2000s from a slew of hit records, “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.” The documents state he dodged taxes by avoiding using any personal bank accounts. He is accused using accounts of surrogates which includes business managers and said to have lived mostly on cash.

The documents also claim when DMX appeared on “Celebrity Couples Therapy” he was to be paid $125,000 but when he got his initial check the proper taxes had been withheld. He allegedly went back to producers and demanded a new check for the full amount and they gave it to him.

Prosecutors say he listed his income in 2011 and 2012 as “unknown” but he actually made $353,000 and $542,000. They also say in 2013 when he finally did report $10,0000 income that number was wrong because he actually made $250,000 that year.

Photo: Getty