Usher Hit With $20-Million Lawsuit By Second Woman Over Herpes Diagnosis

A second woman has sued Usher for allegedly transmitting herpes to her. The woman, who filed as Jane Doe, says she hooked up with the married singer earlier this year at her home in Atlanta. She said he never told her he had the virus and they engaged in “heavy petting, some kissing, and she performed oral sex on him. They eventually had intercourse, and she says he wore a condom,” reports TMZ. She said they hooked up 12 days later in a New Orleans hotel room and that time they did not use a condom.

She found out about him having Herpes Simplex 2 when news broke last week about the first lawsuit. She recently got tested and says she has tested positive for the herpes virus. She initially was asking for $10 million but has upped it to $20 million now that she has tested positive.

She’s suing for at least $20 million for emotional harm, medical bills and punitive damages. In the documents she says she was devastated when she got the results.

Look for this to get messier as attorney Lisa Bloom Tweeted that she has been contacted by several women who claim to have been intimate with Usher.

So far Usher has not commented on either lawsuits.

Photo: Getty