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Morgan Freeman Will NOT Marry Step-Grandaughter

There is a story burning up the internet that I’m sure many of you have heard, that Morgan Freeman has been having an affair with his step-grandaughter, E’Dena Hines,  for years. Also, the story claims the 72-year-old actor plans to marry the 27 year old, that he helped raise, once his divorce is final.

The story comes from the National Enquirer so I personally doubt it is true. Not to mention every time I think about it, I throw up in my throat. Ugh.

Anyway, Morgan’s publicist says the story is not true. He calls it “complete garbage.”

I really hope it is.

Morgan Freeman Says Woman Partly To Blame For Car Accident

Demaris MeyerMorgan_Freeman

A lawyer for Morgan Freeman says he is not totally to blame for the accident he was involved in last August. The lawyer claims the woman who was with him was partly to blame for the accident but he doesn’t say how.

Demaris Meyer is suing Morgan claiming Morgan was negligent. Morgan responded Friday in a four-page court document denying most of the allegations.

Morgan is going to have to tell the court how the woman is partly to blame.  What were the two doing in the car that could have caused an accident? I can only think of a couple things. Care to guess?

Both were seriously injured in the crash.

Demaris sued Morgan in February for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disability and property damage.

Meyer has denied reports she’s romantically linked to Freeman.

Guess that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Woman In Crash With Morgan Freeman Sues, Denies Affair

Demaris Meyer, the woman who was injured in a car accident with Morgan Freeman, has filed a lawsuit the against the actor.

In her suit she claims she has been unable to work since the accident which occurred last August in Mississippi. She said she previously worked as an executive assistant.

She is suing for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and permanent disability in the form of short-term memory loss and additional damages, according to E! News.

At the press conference in Los Angeles today, her attorney Gloria Allred showed photographs of the wrecked car.

Morgan, 71, and Demaris, 48, were alone in the car, rumors flew that they were having an affair. Demaris denied that affair today.

She claims she only met Freeman the night of the accident. She says they had been at dinner with mutual friends and that Freeman said she could stay at one of his houses on his ranch because his home was closer to her work.

The lawsuit obtained claims “throughout the course of dinner and afterwards, drinks were consumed by Freeman.”  If she knew that Morgan consumed drinks, why did she get in the car, she never heard of a cab? People kill me.

She said she had the press conference to clear her name address any rumors of an affair because after the accident, it was revealed that Morgan and his wife had separated in 2007.

“I have been labeled as the other woman and have been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman’s marriage,” she said. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship.”

According to Demaris, Morgan behaved like a “perfect gentleman” the night of the crash.

Morgan suffered extensive damage to his hand and has still not completely recovered.

Morgan Freeman Being Sued By Passenger Over Accident

Demaris Meyer, the woman who was in the car with when Morgan Freeman had his accident, has filed a lawsuit against the actor.

Demaris and her attorney Gloria Allred, are holding a news conference at noon in Los Angeles today to divulge details about the accident and the truth about Demaris’ relationship with Morgan Freeman. OMG, here comes the scandal.

Never before seen graphic and disturbing photos of the car in will be displayed.

The photos which were taken after the accident show that the car was a complete wreck, and help to explain the serious injuries suffered by the woman who was a passenger in the car which Morgan was driving.


Morgan Freeman To Help Open Blues Festival

Photo Via Newscom

Photo Via Newscom

An obviously still recovering Morgan Freeman, will help kick off the first Blues at Moon Music Festival at Mississippi’s Golden Moon Hotel and Casino.

Freeman will join the Choctaw Princess and Miko Beasley Denson, chief of the Mississippi band of Choctaw Indians, in opening the inaugural festival, presented by Ground Zero Blues Club, this weekend.

Freeman is co-owner of The Ground Zero Blues Club, which is to open at the hotel and casino early next year.

Freeman was injured back in early August during an auto accident.

Morgan Freeman’s Divorce

Rumors of a separation have been circulating in the tabloids about Morgan Freeman and his wife, Myrna Colley-Lee for a while now .  Today Freeman’s busness partner Bill Luckett is reportedly confirming an impending divorce.  After his recent accident, people have been speculating about the identity of his female passenger.  Freeman said today that Demaris Meyer is just a friend.  Luckett also, said the divorce had nothing to do with the accident.  The Freemans have been married for 24 years.

Freeman injuries will leave him sidelined for a while, he will need to wear a neck brace for 6-8 months and his arm will take several months to heal.