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Chris Brown Scores In Custody Battle

Chris and his attorney Mark Geragos (center).

Chris Brown just got his wishes in a custody battle over his daughter Royalty. The baby’s mother, Nia Guzman, was gunning for a raise in child support from $2,500 to $15,000 per month and for him to only have supervised visits.

The judge shot down her requests and ordered 50/50 physical custody, with Royalty going back and fourth every 4 days, reports TMZ. Both Chris and Nia live in L.A. The judge ordered him to pay Nia what he was already voluntarily paying her, $2,500 a month in child support. She wanted a big hike to $15,000.

Chris also asked for a the judge to order Nia not to bad mouth him and not reveal anything about the case on social media. The judge granted that as well. The two have engaged in a few back and forth over social media.

Photo: Instagram

Photos: Chris Brown Gets Head Tattoo

Chris Brown head tattoo 4
Chris Brown added to his extensive ink collection by getting a new tattoo on the back of his head. The singer shaved a part of his head and added a portrait of Venue de Milo.

Chris posted a picture showing off the new ink but when people on social media criticised it, he removed the photo. New York tattoo artist King Rico added the tat on Monday night and also posted pictures of himself with Chris. He captioned one, ““It was a pleasure to tatt the new King of Pop and watch him put together another record in front of my. Dude is a genius. Blessed and Thankful.”

Photos: Instagram

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