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Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Joe Jackson is being accused of exploiting his son Michael’s death. Apparently in the 18 days since Michael died, Joe has made nearly half a million dollars.

ABC reportedly paid him $200,000 for a series of interviews and he is headed to London where he is being paid $250,000 plus expenses by British Tabloids, according to Showbiz411.com.

A source goes all the way there and blames Joe for Michael’s death:

“He killed Michael. Everything he did to to him led up to this. I’ve never met a more awful person.”

This is definitely not a good look. Joe has to know accepting money for interviews will be scrutinized and criticized. Maybe he doesn’t care.

What do you think?

Michael Jackson’s Will To Be Submitted To The Court

Fame Pictures

Fame Pictures

Michael Jackson’s will that was drafted back in 2002 divides up his estate between his children and mother. His father Joe is left out of the will, according to the Wall Street Journal.

He also left some of his estate to one or more charities.

His lawyer will submit the will to the Los Angeles Superior soon, as early as Thursday.

Michael’s parent filed papers Monday saying he died without a valid will but his lawyer says he has the will in a safe.

A lawyer for Katherine and Joe said:

“No will has been presented to family or us,” wrote the lawyer, L. Londell McMillan, who also once represented Michael Jackson. “We will review any will when we see it.”

Katherine was granted temporary guardianship of Michael’s three children. It is not known what custody arrangements are in the 2002 will.

Michael’s most valuable asset is believed to be his 50% stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a joint venture with Sony Corp.  and other assets include Mijac, a publishing catalog that comprises his own musical composition. Both are said to have been used as collateral for loans.

The family is still sorting out funeral arrangements.

Joe Jackson: The Truth Is Still To Be Told

Joe JacksonAfter the three-hour autopsy of Michael Jackson on Friday turned up no signs of trauma and no foul play. People magazine asked his father if his death was connected to prescription drugs.

“That’s what we’re trying to find out right now,” said Joe Jackson. “We’re trying to find out that information. When we find it out, we’ll know.”

“There’s a lot to be told, though, I’ll tell you that right now. The truth!” he says. “The truth is still to be told.”