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Spotted: Russell Simmons On Miami Beach


Russell Simmons spends some time soaking up the sun on the beach with his girlfriend, model Julie Henderson.


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Russell Simmons, Daughters And Girlfriend Attend Event

Russell Simmons, his children Aoki Lee and Ming Lee, along with girlfriend Julie Henderson attended the QVC’s Super Saturday Live at Nova’s Ark Project over the weekend.

Guess Russell and Julie are back together.

Aoki seem to really enjoyed the spotlight posing up a storm for the cameras while Ming didn’t seem to want to take the pictures.


Aoki is funny, lol. Look at how her sister is looking at her.


Russell Simmons Looks To Stop The Battle

russell_simmons2Russell Simmons‘ ex-girlfriend Katie Rost and current girlfriend, Julie Henderson have been engaging in a back and forth via his website Global Grind. Kate posted a blog, Julie posted a blog and Kate posted again.

I guess he is looking to stop the madness because he posted this on the site.

Twitter This

Every morning after meditation, I look through the daily newspapers and surf the internet. Some of this stuff is supposed to be pretty heavy. But honestly, at that time of the morning I’m still high as hell from my meditation and really “its all illusion” Anyhow, one morning I was sitting in bed with my current girlfriend Julie Henderson and I saw a very typical image of us together at some black tie event.

The headline was “IS RUSSELL SERIOUS ABOUT THIS WAFER?”.  I was pleased with the picture and I kept it moving. Julie, who was looking over my shoulder made a comment,”Hey, at least they think I look skinny in that dress!”  I laughed like a happy yogi baby and said, “that’s not ‘waif’ honey, that’s ‘wafer’ …like white girl..:-).

She didn’t think it was that funny-but it was.

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Katie Rost Hits Back With: You White, Stringy Haired B*tch.”


Katie Rost (Russell Simmons’ ex) claps back at Julie Henderson’s (Russell’s special friend) post titled: “Bitch Get Your Own Man.”

Katie has titled hers: “You White, Stringy Haired B*tch.”

I’ve been known to throw vulgarities around at people with whom I found myself engaged in conflict (a.k.a: I get wasted and talk sh*t to peeps). On occasions such as these the mind struggles to be creative.

One of my favorite insults is calling a White girl (insert slurred words): “You stupid, White, stringy haired bit*ch”.  My best friend Rachel loves it when I start throwing that one around.

The power in the phrase is not in the noting that my adversary is White. If you aren’t clever, you might take me for a hater of White women, which is dead wrong.  I love White girls.  No, I’m being crueler than that.  I’m noticing the “stringy hair”.  This is a low blow for a White girl.  They take pride in that flowing mane.

My reason for providing this vulgarity service, since people often need one, is because it makes no sense…..There are so many good, valid, logical ways to insult someone of every race, gender, identity…. And it never fails to befuddle a listener when you illogical insult them.

Since I emerged from the womb I have consciously and consistently been a troublemaker.  Many people lack the brilliance of accepting that every strong belief that shapes the “me” and the “my life story” are limitations and lies.  I am ALL that exist in the world, so to believe in the insults of any of them would only indicate that I don’t know that yet. (But that’s some existential sh*t, so let me slow my roll).

There is nothing wrong with being a Black woman who has just lost a Black man to a White woman and saying “Now he’s with that White B*tch”. Just like there is nothing wrong with pointing out after your younger husband who you wrote a book about and it turned into a very popular movie “that gay motherf*cker played me like a fool” when you find out that he’s in fact, gay.

There is nothing wrong with being gay and there is nothing wrong with being White.

I’m repulsed by hypocrisy and “controlled speech”.   I would rather say what’s rolling around in my head, “right” or “wrong”.  I’d rather YOU, do the same.  The concepts exist in the world, not just in some people. There is something wrong with pretending that none of it matters at all.  We are not living politically correct sound bites 24/7.  My dad is White.  I grew up in White neighborhoods, blah blah blah… I’m not a racist. If I’m feeling something and I notice something and I notice the gender or race of the person I might say something about it.  If I make broad and ridiculous statements about entire groups of people, if I criticize someone for aspects that are not fully encompassing our respectful to there true self, which is a divine being, a child of God, a vessel of love and light….. Perhaps I’m just being a human being.  Perhaps I’m being funny?  Perhaps I’m having an ability to be honest about the realities we live in, how I process them and what my reaction is.  At the end of all of that, so what?

Some times a White Stringy Haired b*tch is a White Stringy Haired b*tch.  Sometimes we should stop being afraid to say what we feel. Sometimes people call you something that hurts.

The blessing I hope spreads for more and more people is to not take themselves too seriously and not believe in the importance of these labels. After reading Julie Henderson’s blog where she confesses to not be a “golddigging ho” but rather a sensitive advocate for the plight of the poor in the Black community (as long as the poor aren’t former girlfriend’s like moi, who are staying with her “special friend” of 4 months– a timeline that when I questioned Russell about led to an amazing explanation that included creative mathematical manipulations, “leap years”, philosphising over the debate over the “roman vs the jewish calender” etc etc).  Men! If someone calls you a name and it hurts you, you have been given the gift of getting over your ego belief in that name. If its not you and not true it would be no different than being called an Asian Nazi when you are in fact a thugged out Black dude strolling down Christopher st. looking for a hot boy to take home. The only power of the insult exists in your belief in it. Your reaction to what you are called speaks volumes as to your beliefs.

– Katie Rost  a stone cold nappy headed ho!

You know, I heard Russell say before his game is tight and that’s how he can get these young girls but damn. He must be loving the drama cause it is driving hella traffic to his site.

Julie Henderson Says She’s With Russell Simmons, Too Bad If You Don’t Like It


Photo: Pr Photos

Something has set off Julie Henderson. Julie is dating Russell Simmons. She put out a post titled: B*tch Get Your Own Man.  Seems the black community has offended her and she’s not going to take it.

B*tch Get Your Own Man

I have been spending “special time” with Russell for about 4 months and in that time I have learned some subtle things about some in the black community that have surprised me.  I must say that while it has been a bit of a challenge for me, it has also been a wonderful learning experience.  I realize that in this day of Obama and change that there is still a tremendous amount of poverty, suffering and pain in the black community, and for that I am deeply sorry.  But, I have to say the angry responses to those realities are sometimes misdirected….Just for the record, I am nobody’s  white b*tch, gold digger or  fame chaser.  Nor am I any of the other mean things I have been called lately.  I don’t need anything from anybody, I come from a good family and I’m  a young independent “successful” model making my way in NYC.   (If you don’t believe me google me or go to juliehenderson.net).

Finally, I just wanna say that Russell has been a great “special” friend and I’m sure as sh*t not giving him up cause some in America object to our friendship.  I wanna close by saying, what  Russell always says,  Namaste. (That means the goddess in me recognizes the goddess in you)….Or, b*tch get your own man.

Her rant doesn’t quite jive with the title or how she ends her post: B*tch get your own man. Maybe she is mad at Russell’s ex who was staying with them the other day and put our her own post about Julie and Russell?

Below is what Russell’s ex posted that I’m guessing is why she’s saying get your own man.

I’m at Russell’s apartment and Julie Henderson just walked down stairs.

I’m not saying she was doing the walk of shame (but it was 12:15 pm) Let me be clear, I have no beef with Julie! We’ve just fallen at different times for the same man…

The first thing she said to me when she cascaded down the stairs was, “When are you leaving?”
I said, “in two weeks”

Her eyebrow rose in skeptic Read more

Russell Simmons’ Age Causing Problems?

Russell Simmons love the young girls. His latest, Julie Henderson is 23 years old to his 51 years old. According to PageSix, her friends think Pepaw Russell is too old for little Julie.

ARE Russell Simmons and girlfriend Julie Henderson having age issues? The 51-year-old hip-hop mogul squired the 23-year-old grapefruit heiress who shows off plenty of freckles in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue to the Art for Life benefit at the Fontainebleau in Miami, but we hear there was trouble in paradise. “Her friends are having major problems with the fact that he’s so much older than she is,” says an insider.