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Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Is Still Coming For Her Share

Steve Harvey’s second ex-wife, Mary Harvey, is still seeking to get a bigger cut of Steve’s wealth. She says she wants her share of what she helped build. She says she was conspired against and she is not going to stop until she gets what is rightfully hers. Read more

Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Arrested After Child Abuse Allegations Leak; Gives Jailhouse Interview [Video]

Mary Harvey Vaughn Mugshot

Steve Harvey ex-wife Mary Vaughn has been was arrested again for contempt of court. The former couple has been going back and forth to court for years now over various issues including custody of their son Wynton Harvey.

This time Mary has allegedly leaked sealed information to the media that Steve beat their son with a belt and then a paddle board in 2008 when he was caught lying to a teacher. The case was investigated by Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services and later dismissed after the department found: “Based on the information obtained, the child does not appear to be at risk … the case is closed without further investigation.”

According to the police report, the cops took photos of the boy’s injuries, showing bruises on his buttocks and right thigh, as well as cuts on his leg. The boy also told cops that after beating he had trouble urinating for days.

After a hearing on Thursday over the leaked information, the judge found that Mary violated the protective order in the case and threw her in jail for 30 days.

Mary told her side of the story to Fox 4: Read more

Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Mary Arrested

Graphic Language

Seems the drama with Steve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary Harvey continues. Mary was recently arrested and she talks with Shanae Hall on a recorded phone call about her Halloween stay in a Texas jail. She says she was arrested because she did not show up to a scheduled court date. She claims she filed for a continuance but she is not sure if the judge received it. This is the second time she has been arrested for missing a court date.

She also she has not seen their son Wynton in over a year. She says Steve served her with a lawsuit while she was locked up. Apparently, she is going to do a reality show and it is making Steve nervous that she will pop up with cameras while he is working so he wants a restraining order.

She due back in court November 11th.

Steve Harvey Sends His Ex-Wife A Valentine’s Gift

The drama with Steve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary continues. Mary says Steve sent her a box of chocolates three days after Valentine’s Day. Of course, the chocolates came with a court notice:

His ex Mary Lee Harvey tells TMZ, she was served the Thursday after V-Day “with a box of chocolates, a Valentine’s Day card, and a notice saying you are going to be required to come back to court on March 10.”

As we first reported, Steve obtained the injunction against Mary earlier this month — after she posted a number of incendiary videos about him on the Internet … accusing him of leaving her homeless, stealing her money, and turning their son against her.

Mary Harvey Clarifies Things In A Final Interview

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, Mary Harvey, is refuting what he says she received in the divorce. She is facing possible sanctions from the courts on March 10th for allegedly violating a gag order. In what she says is her final interview, Mary talks with DC’s 102.3 radio station and details how Steve got custody of their son, what happened to the three homes she received and more.

Listen to the interview after the jump. Read more

Court Rules Mary’s Allegations Against Steve Harvey Are Untrue

Steve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary Harvey faced off in court yesterday over her posting YouTube videos blasting him as well as giving interviews talking about him. The court ruled that the claims that he left her broke, homeless, etc are not true. She also broke the gag order that prohibit them both from discussing their divorce.

The judge granted Steve a temporary injunction against Mary’s YouTube videos, as I reported yesterday they were taken down. She has been ordered to not speak, Tweet, email, Facebook, or blog  any information about their divorce. The judge set a contempt of court hearing for March 10, 2011. It will then be to decided if Mary should be punished for violating the gag order.

Steve’s lawyer, Bobbie Edmonds released the following statement on the ruling:

(1) Mary Lee Harvey was not left homeless or evicted from her home and was awarded three (3) homes in their Read more