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Tyrese Becomes Undone

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Tyrese Gibson posted an emotional video on Facebook pleading for his daughter Shayla. The singer/actor has been embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell. Norma alleges that Tyrese beat their daughter and Read more

Tyrese’s Wife Says Gimme More Money

Tyrese Gibson’s his estranged wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson is seeking more money. She has already been awarded $65,000 plus she is receiving $6,300 monthly. Tyrese is also paying the rent for Norma’s apartment, which is about $2,700 a month.

I know times are hard and I guess so does Norma. She wants and additional $80,000.

Norma believes that Tyrese makes $250,000 a month but according to court papers he makes
$77,946 per month.

Norma is also fighting the validity of the couple’s pre-nup for which a trial date is set for August.