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Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife Refuses To Turn Over Daughter For Visit; Cops Called

Tyrese Gibson Daughter

Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife’s custody drama appears to be escalating. Last night when he showed up for his court-ordered vistation, Norma Mitchell refused to give him their daughter Shayla. She claims the child is sick but Tyrese does not believe that story. She called the cops to her home to help deal with the incident. Read more

Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Wants More Child Support

Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife took him back to court and asked the judge to increase her child support payment’s for their daughter Shayla. Norma Gibson told the court that he is an absentee father. Tyrese’s ex claims she deserves more support because he consistently blows off daddy duties, reports TMZ. At the time of their divorce he was ordered today her $6,230 a month in child support.

He offered up proof that he wasn’t by revealing that he threw Shayla a 300-person birthday party when she turned five. Tyrese also says he pays for Shayla’s private school and her nanny, he regularly buys her new clothes, shoes, and around the holidays he spends “thousands” to play Santa.

On the day of the hearing Tyrese Tweeted: “Real MEN and Fathers…. Pray a hard prayer for me this morning from wherever you are. This morning is gonna be a rough one.. #ShaylaDadLove.”

The judge denied Norma’s request for the child support increase. After the hearing was over Tyrese posted: Read more

Tyrese Gibson Tells Wife To Get A Job


Tyrese Gibson sounds like he’s tired of paying out money to his estranged wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson. In court papers, Tyrese basically tells her to get a job.

According to RadarOnline.com, Tyrese claims that despite having a pre-nup agreement, he has “already paid $75,000 worth of respondents professional fees and costs for a marriage which lasted less than 10 months. Prior to this 10 month marriage, respondent and I entered into a prenutpial agreement which resolved all issues between us, other than those pertaining to our minor child.”

His attorney  requested that Norma take a vocational exam. “Ms. Gibson can and should seek employment and is lawfully employable in the United States at this time.”

The next hearing in this case will be July 27th.

Judge Rules On Tyrese Gibson Child Support

A judge has ordered Tyrese Gibson to pay $6,222.00 per month to his estranged wife Norma for support of their daughter, Shayla.

The judge gave primary physical custody to Norma with visitation for Tyrese.  The support will apply until Shayla reaches the age of 18.

The couple is due back in court on August 18 and 19 to hear Norma’s case on contesting the prenuptial agreement.

Tyrese Ordered To Give Estranged Wife $65,000

Tyrese Gibson and his estranged wife had a court hearing today after she filed papers claiming he is not giving enough support while their divorce is in progress.

A judge today ordered Tyrese to pay $65,000 to his estranged wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson. He was also ordered to provide $6,230 per month in support, pay her rent of $2,730 and make her car payments in the amount of $800.

The judge ruled Tyrese can write off the rent and car payments.

These amounts are all temporary until their divorce is settled  and she’s contesting their prenup agreement.