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T.I. Heads To Jail Next Week; Dropped By Remy Martin

Lots to report on T.I. today. He has been ordered to turn himself in on Nov. 1 to serve his 11-month sentence. He will serve his time at Forrest City prison in Arkansas.

He has been dropped by Remy Martin Cognac in the wake of his probation violation. A spokesperson for Remy told Rap Radar, “Sometimes the ‘road to redemption’ is a difficult path. Regrettably, we will not be able to continue collaborating with T.I. at this time. We wish T.I. well and hope he will devote his time and energy to staying the course.”

He has also changed the new of his upcoming album from King Uncaged to No Mercy.

T.I. Will Not Be Charged In Drug Arrest

T.I. will not face charges in his drug arrest last September. T.I. and his wife Tiny were arrested after cops pulled them over for making an illegal U-turn and the cops also claimed the smelled pot. Well, reportedly there are legal issues with the case since no pot was found and the D.A. has declined to press charges.

T.I. is finally getting a break — TMZ has learned the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected the drug case stemming from his arrest last month … and we’re told there may have been legal problems with the case.

According to the D.A.’s Office, Read more

T.I. Dropped By AXE

T.I.’s arrest last month has cost him his AXE endorsement deal. The company has given him the boot.  “We will no longer feature T.I. in our promotional campaigns,” the company said in a statement. His image has been removed from the company’s website.

Meanwhile, T.I. recently told radio personality Ryan Cameron, “After this, I will become a better person. I am not without flaw. One thing from my flaws that I have always done, I have accepted responsibility.”

T.I. Headed Back To Jail For 11 Months

T.I. has used up his chances with the judge who previously sentenced him on his gun case. Judge Charles Pannell was none too pleased to see Tip back in front of him. He ruled that he violated his probation and revoked his bail and ordered him back to jail for 11 months. T.I. asked for leniency:

“I screwed up. I screwed up bigtime, and I’m sorry. I’m truly and sincerely sorry. I don’t want and I don’t need to use drugs Read more

T.I. Helps Talk Down Suicide Jumper

T.I. helped police talk down a man who was contemplating suicide off a 22-story building in Atlanta . When Tip heard about the man on the roof of the building that houses radio station V103, he called into Ryan Cameron’s show to see if there was anything he could do. Ryan suggested he go down to the building.

When Tip got there he met with police and recorded Read more

Probation Officer Wants T.I. Locked Up For 14 Months

T.I. could be looking at eight to 14 months for violating his probation by being arrested last month, if his probation officer gets his way. He filled his recommendation with the court for T.I.’s Oct. 15th probation violation Read more