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Suspect Arrested In Murders Of Toya Wright’s Brothers

Police have arrested a suspect in the murder of Toya Wright’s two brothers. Joshua and Ryan “Rudy” Johnson were shot and killed in Read more

Lil Wayne And Toya Wright Throw Reginae A 90s Party

Lil Wayne and Toya Wright’s daughter Reginae Carter turned 18 and they celebrated with 90s birthday party themed The Fresh Princess Of Buckhead. The event had celebrity guests and was held at Suite Lounge in Atlanta. Check out the photos see what Wayne gave his daughter at the party. Read more

Toya Wright Brothers Murdered After Argument

Toya Wright is mourning the loss of her two brother over the weekend. According to reports Josh and Rudy Johnson were shot to death sitting in a vehicle following what is described as a heated argument outside an apartment building in New Orleans. Read more

Toya And Memphitz Wright Separated

Toya Carter Memphitz Wright Wedding Photos 6

Toya and Memphitz wright have separated. The two, who married in 2011, have reportedly called it quits with Memphitz moving to Los Angeles leaving Toya in Atlanta.  Recently, he has been posting not so subtle hints on Instagram about public marriage not being for everyone and using hash tags like #missmewiththatlovesh*t.

TMZ is now reporting:

We’re told Memphitz — who appeared with Toya on the BET reality show “Toya: A Family Affair” — no longer wanted to be part of a “celebrity marriage.” For him, it’s now all about career.

No divorce has been filed yet but sources say Memphitz will let Toya file the papers and he says there will be no reconciliation. The sources also claim that the rumor that he got some woman pregnant is not true because Memphitz had a vasectomy years ago.

Toya Wright: Lil Wayne Dating Christina Milian Is A Hot Mess

imageToya Wright recently sat down eith VladTV for an interview and dished about her relationship with Lil Wayne’s baby mothers. The conversation then turned to her thoughts on his new girlfriend Christina Milian. Wayne’s baby mama Nivea recently commented that she thought the relationship was a mess and now Toya is weighing in that she agrees.

How they are connected: Nivea has three children with her ex-husband The Dream and she has a son with Lil Wayne. Christina Milian has a daughter with Dream and is now dating Wayne.

Toya says:

I think that’s a hot mess. I think that is a hot mess if you want my honest opinion. That’s just too much. I just don’t think that’s cool. There’s too many other women out there to date your Read more

Toya Wright Arrested In Georgia

Toya Wright Arrested mugshotToya Wright was arrested on Tuesday in College Park, Georgia. Lil Wayne’s ex-wife was arrested after she was pulled over and the cops discovered there was an open warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody and booked.

Her manager Corey Blackwell says the arrest was a “misunderstanding.” Adding her arrest was “based on something that was paid for but that wasn’t cleared out of the system. We’re currently going over it with the lawyers.”

The arrested was made on her husband Mickey “Memphitz” Wright’s birthday.

Toya has since been released on bail.

Update – Toya posted this statement to her Instagram:

Wow!!! It’s true I was jailed due to a old ticket that I thought I had taken care of but it was not. I try my best to take care of that sort of thing quickly but some how the ticket slipped through the cracks. I spent a day in jail and I must say that this experience was one of the most devastating of my life. I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worse enemy. Everyone that gets locked up isn’t a danger to the community. Many people are in jail are just like me for a ticket that was either forgotten or thought to be taken care of. But the way most are treated is inhumane. I never thought in a million years that the kind of things I’ve witnessed went on. The situation was so bad that I don’t even want to leave out the house. After my ordeal I am seriously contemplating being an advocate of better treatment for prisoners. Please believe I’m working on my lightening up my lead foot and if I do mess up and get another ticket, that day it will be taken care of.